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Poodles have accomplished their high popularity due to their intelligence and amazing personality traits. Poodles are fun, loving, loyal and love to be the life of the party. Their hypoallergenic coats give families with allergies the opportunity to enjoy the love of a fluffy family member in their lives. Premier Poodle specializes in providing high quality, healthy, home raised toy and miniature poodles for companionship. For up to date photos and a better glimpse into our daily lives we invite you to join us on our social media platforms by clicking on the icons at the bottom of this page and become part of the Premier Poodle family. 

Hello Poodle Enthusiasts!

Premier Poodle, quality above all  ...

Here at Premier Poodle we make it a priority to ensure a high health standard. Our breeding program consists of toy and miniature poodles genetically tested by Embark Genetics, OFA tested for their breed and size requirements and registered AKC/CKC. Our breeding pairs provide several coat variations ranging from soft and fleecy to tight curls. The coat textures come in a spectrum of colors such as Apricot, Red, and Deep-Red. Our poodles are raised in our home as part of the family, where we have the ability to give each one individual attention and get to know their temperaments and tendencies. We love our poodles and look forward to providing the perfect addition your family has been waiting for.   

Our History

Laura & Victor

We grew up in a small farming community which helped develop an early passion for animals. After high school Victor joined the Marine Corp. Shortly after we married and moved away from home and family. Leaving all our animals behind was hard, but right before Victor’s first deployment he surprised me with a little toy poodle we named Papito to keep me company while he was away. My love for animals was reignited and pushed me to pursue a degree in Animal Science at the University of Arizona. Our toy poodle Papito helped both my husband and I through many tough times and many moves across country. I fell in love with my dog and the breed so much that after graduation I knew I wanted to provide someone else with the happiness that Papito had given us. With the help and support of my husband Victor, Premier Poodle was established. 


Here at Premier Poodle we offer the following services :

  • Puppy Adoptions Services

  • Stud Services

  • Puppy Extended Stay Program

If a Poodle is in your future it is never too soon to contact us to inquire about our litter plans and puppy availability.

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