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Puppy Adoption Services

Premier Poodle puppies are bred with the highest level of quality and health standard in mind. Puppies are offspring of home raised, registered, genetically tested parents that have been hand picked for our breeding program.

  • Premier Poodle puppies are hand raised with the proper socialization and mental stimulation along side their parents in our family home. Our program was created with a mix of ENS, ESI, BAB, puppy culture, avid dog, higher education and years of personal experience. 
  • Puppies come with a health check by a licensed veterinarian and up to date vaccinations based on age. Puppies have a 24 month health guarantee for life-threatening genetic diseases, are microchipped with prepaid lifetime enrollment with AKC reunite, kennel club registration paperwork, on a deworming schedule, their tails are cropped and dewclaws removed. 
  • Puppies take home a custom travel bag filled with goodies to help the transition into their new homes. Some items included are blanket and toys scented by their mother and litter mates for comfort, vitamins, probiotics, reading material on insurance, socialization and puppy information and much more. 
  • As of January 1, 2023, the Purchase Price of a Premier Poodle Puppy is $5,000 regardless of gender, coat color, size, or kennel registration. Premier Poodle reserves the right to change puppy price at any time in the future without notice. The price changes will be featured on the website. Our wonderful puppies come with a strict spay/neuter contract.

To maintain our high quality standards, meet our high demand, and find the best possible families for our puppies we have changed our application process. We recommend following our social media accounts for any availability change announcements. Puppies that become available will be posted on our Available Puppies tab and announced on social media. Interested families will be emailed an application after contacting Laura via email, text or call. Puppies picks will take place at 6 weeks old in the order deposits were received. Puppies go home at 9 weeks of age.

Stud Services

Premier Poodle currently has two Toy Poodle studs available for breeding services. We offer three breeding options bellow. 
  • In Ramona, California we perform our own Artificial Insemination based on provided progesterone test or on days 9, 11, or 13 of dam's heat cycle. (three breedings total)
  • Natural breeding with a clear Brucellosis test provided within two weeks prior to breeding time of dam, if size and temperament of dam permits. Same breeding timing and location as above used.
  • Chilled semen shipment available from studs within the United States. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs and dam's Insemination method: Artificial Insemination by owner or veterinarian, Trans-Cervical Insemination by veterinarian.

If the first breeding of your dam is not successful, we provide the next breeding free of stud service charge within the next year for same breeding pair only if positive progesterone test was done. Stud service warranty does not include shipping costs of chilled semen.  

Contact us with any questions you might have about which service type and stud is the best fit for your program. Get to know our wonderful Studs bellow. 

Meet Our Poodle Pack

"Premier Poodle Red Curry"


Red Curry, is our 3 year old tiny 4 pound, 7.5 inch tall Red Toy Poodle stud.  AKC registered and genetically tested by Embark Genetics. Carries dominant genes for Curls and Furnishings. He is very sweet and loving family member and enjoys naps right on your lap. Great for females under 35 pounds. 


Stud Service fee: 1,500.00


"Premier Poodle Papito"

Retired Sire

Papito, is the inspiration behind Premier Poodle. He is 11.5 year old, 9 pound, 10 inches tall Apricot Toy Poodle stud. CKC registered and genetically tested by Embark Genetics. Successful stud since 2012, carries dominant genes for Curls and Furnishings. He is a very smart and charismatic family member. He loves playing fetch with his toys and relaxing in the pool.  

No longer available for breeding. 



"Premier Poodle Canela"

Retired Dam

Canela, is our 4 year old Red Toy Poodle female. She is 5 pound, 9 inches tall, APRI registered and genetically tested by Embark Genetics. She loves walking in the park and playing with chew toys. She is the warmest, sweetest girl and loves to lay on our laps and cuddle. 

"Premier Poodle Paprika"

Retired Dam

Paprika, is our 3.5 year old Red Toy Poodle female. She is 8 pounds, 10.5 inches tall,  AKC registered and genetically tested by Embark Genetics. She loves kisses and playing with others. She is very athletic and loves the outdoors, she is the best hiking partner. In search of her forever home. 

"Premier Poodle Ginger"


Ginger, is our 2 year old  Red Miniature Poodle female. We are exited to be able to provide a new size to our program. She is 14.5 pounds, 14 inches tall, AKC registered and genetically tested by Embark Genetics. She is very intelligent and sweet natured. 

"Premier Poodle Nutmeg"


Nutmeg, is our 2 year old deep Red Miniature Poodle female, she was specially selected from Paprika's first litter to join our program. She is 11 pounds, 12 inches tall,  AKC registered and genetically tested by Embark Genetics. She is a happy puppy that has her mothers athletic abilities, she loves to run around our yard chasing her best friend Ginger. 


"Premier Poodle Cherry"



Cherry is our new toy poodle addition. She is 1.5 years old, 5 pounds, 9 inches tall, AKC registered and genetically tested by Embark Genetics. She loves to be the life of the party and doe snot let her small size hold her back from participating in all the fun. She is sweet and enjoys cuddles on the couch when she isn't busy playing fetch. 

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