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Puppy Contract




As of January 1, 2022, the Purchase Price of a Premier Poodle Puppy is $4,500 regardless of gender, coat color, size, or kennel registration. Premier Poodle reserves the right to change puppy price at any time in the future without notice. The price changes will be featured on the website. 



A $500 deposit will be required with this agreement to guarantee the reservation of the selected puppy by the Seller until the specified Delivery Date.


Deposit amount will be deducted from total purchase price of puppy. Remaining balance will be paid in cash prior to shipping or at the time of pick-up by Buyer. This purchase price does NOT include any delivery charges which are calculated separately on an as needed basis.

There are no refunds on Deposits, unless otherwise agreed here in writing. Failure of the Buyer to complete this purchase would subject Seller to lost opportunities to sell the puppy to some other Buyer and retention of the Deposit is meant to compensate Seller for his possible loss. This deposit signifies the intent on the part of the Buyer to follow through with the Purchase of this puppy. Deposit may be moved to a future litter at the request of the Buyer.


The Seller reserves the right to void this transaction and refund the Deposit if we learn of any reason why Buyer might not be suitable for the puppy (i.e. Buyer is found to be an animal abuser, violent person, representative of a Pet Store, representative of a pharmaceutical research laboratory etc.).


In the rare case that the transaction is voided by the Seller or an unforeseen accident were to happen to the puppy before it reaches its new home, the deposit amount will be returned to the Buyer. The Buyer may choose to apply said deposit towards another available puppy or future litter if they wish to do so.



The puppy will be available to join its new family once it has reached 8 weeks of age and is naturally weaned off from its mother. Buyers can choose to set up a pick-up date and time with Seller at Premier Poodle’s home location in Ramona, California. We also provide delivery options to Buyer’s home or flying your puppy to major airports for an additional fee. We fly puppies to destinations inside the U.S., Canada, Colombia, and Mexico. For the safety of our puppies they will only be shipped inside the cabin with a flight nanny, we do not send puppies via cargo.

In the case that the Buyer is not able to pick up the puppy and other shipment arrangements are not made when puppy reaches 8 weeks of age, we will be glad to continue caring for the puppy for a reasonable time (limited to 30 days unless otherwise arranged), but we will add a charge of $25 per day for boarding for every day after the scheduled pickup date.



Your puppy is guaranteed to be in good health at time of sale and to have all age appropriate shots and de-worming treatments. Your puppy will also come with a strict spay or neuter contract, meaning your puppy is to be spayed/neutered by 6 months of age. The Buyer has 3 days from date of delivery to have puppy examined by their own vet.


Your puppy is guaranteed free from genetic defects up to the age of 24 months. The stated defect must be shown to be genetic in origin. The breeder has the right to have a dog reexamined by a vet of their own choice at their expense. Purchaser will contact breeder as soon as possible should any major health problems arise.


Seller will provide Buyer with a puppy that is clean; in good general health and that has no known physical defects. De-wormings and first immunizations will have been completed and detailed in writing. It is generally recognized that intestinal parasites (worms, etc.) are common in puppies, and are a part of a puppy’s early development but we will make every effort to prevent parasites. Often, however, the stress of change and travel can cause intestinal parasites to emerge. Buyer agrees to continue parasite testing and treatment (if necessary) with their veterinarian.


The Buyer agrees to provide the puppy with the proper standard of care by maintaining a vaccination schedule and checkups provided by chosen veterinarian, continue regular socialization and enrichment practices for proper development and provide premium quality pet food for a healthy puppy. Failure to have the puppy examined by a vet within 3 days of the date the puppy is delivered to Buyer or if Buyer fails to provide required immunizations, treatment or de-wormings, will mean that this health guarantee will be void.

Buyer agrees to keep their puppy at home and away from other dogs, public places, parks and will use care in allowing others from outside their home to pet or touch the puppy until all immunizations are completed. This is to protect the puppy from exposure to parvovirus and other infectious illnesses.



Should the Buyer find themselves unexpectedly in a circumstance where death or other loss prevents them from being able to properly care for the puppy, Buyer agrees to contact Seller and Seller will be given first rights to the puppy. The buyer should not re-sell If the dog is to be sold, Seller will be given right of first refusal. Buyer agrees that the puppy will NOT under any circumstances be placed in a dog pound or rescue center.



This written Agreement contains all the terms of this Puppy Deposit and Sales Agreement. No refunds will be given, all deposits are non-refundable, and all sales are final. There is no guarantee on size, color, disposition, appearance or any other issues associated with canine maturity.


To ensure that the Buyer can immediately reserve the puppy of their choice, Buyer and Seller agree that this Agreement is in full force by virtue of Email exchange of completed copy of this agreement between Seller and Buyer. All disputes are subject to resolution in the Seller’s domicile: Ramona, California.



By selecting yes on the Puppy Application for; Have you read and agree to our Puppy Contract? The Buyer agrees to the terms and conditions within this Puppy Contract. The Puppy Contract is available to downloaded at


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